Financial Planning For Business Owners

You’ve worked hard to grow your business. However, has someone shown you all the ways your business can work for you?

Redbridge Financial advisors can help you answer the big questions:

Will my business survive?
Will my best employees stay loyal to me?
What if I become disabled and can’t work?
Can I retire when I’m ready?
What will I leave behind?

Our advisors are experts at financial planning for business owners. Proper business planning helps safeguard the success of your business. If you have ever asked any of these questions, call us today to find out more about what business planning can do for you. Together, we can work to protect the future of your business. › Contact Us Today

Facts On Family Owned Business


Family-owned businesses comprise 80-90% of all North American businesses.


Family buinesses account for 58% of the GDP, 60% of the US Workforce and 78% of all new job creation.


30% of all family owned businesses survive into the second generation. 12% into the third generation 3% into the fourth generation. 97% of all family-owned businesses do not survive past the 3rd generation.


78% of small business owners plan to sell their business to fund their retirement, only 30% have a succession plan.

Maximize The Results Of Your Hard Work:

Is our 401(k) or IRA plan a suitable fit for our company? How can you retain key employees without breaking the bank? Have you thought about an exit strategy? Will the funds be available to buy out your interest when you are ready to retire? We have access to many cost-effective retirement, life, health, and disability insurance plans. We have also guided business owners around the financial pitfalls that can result with multi-owner business.

Do you need a business valuation? Whether contemplating a transfer of ownership, providing employee incentives, meeting IRS compliance rules, valuing startups, or other valuation needs, our custom reports deliver a thorough and accurate valuation report.

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