Special Needs Financial Team

If you are a conservator or special needs trust attorney, you have tremendous responsibilities—to care for disadvantaged people and help manage their investments. Your business is too critical to be held by financial firms that are not responsive to your needs. Our team has been helping fiduciaries in three important ways:

Access to Client Information

Access to Client Information

Have you ever called a financial institution and been told they can’t help you? Do you (or your staff) have to go through an elaborate process to prove who you are every time you call for information? Conservators who use Redbridge Financial can avoid that hassle. When you or your staff call, we know who you are and stand ready to help. We will:

  • Quick turnaround for up-to-date reports of assets for Annual Accountings.
  • Deposit funds into checking and savings accounts ASAP.
  • Online access to accounts.
Taking On A New Ward

Taking On A New Ward

You will likely be collecting statements from financial institutions. There are a variety of complex investments.

Have you ever looked at those statements and wondered “How am I going to understand these, let alone make decisions on these assets?” When you call us, we will help you understand your clients’ assets and comply with the Michigan Prudent Investor Rule.

Annual Return Graph
Portfolio Growth Graph

Source: Portfolio Visualizer 01/2011-12/2019. Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Protecting Your Risk

Our team helps develop lower-risk portfolios just for Special Needs clients. Our goal is to help your annual accounting demonstrate to the Court that you are fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities.

If you would like to experience what is like to work with a financial services firm that knows the Prudent Investor Rule, contact Terence Paulauskis: